top ten tuesday {wishes for The Bear}

There's a website out there called 1001 rules for my unborn son. It's slightly humorous especially more now that I had a son and am pregnant with son #2. I decided for this week's list of 10 over at OhAmanda, I would list 10 things I would like for The Bear. Probably not the most important 10 things, but at 35 weeks pregnant this is about as clear as I'm thinking.

So Bear, I wish that you . . .

1. Live a life so that you are never ashamed to look at yourself in the mirror. Realize that you will not be perfect and mistakes will be made (by yourself and those around you). However, you should never act in a way that you can't look yourself in the eyes.

2. Find what makes you happy. While money and fame might have their appeal, I want you to find something in life that makes you happy. As long as this does not hurt you or others, I give you full permission to follow your dreams.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. It makes a difference.

4. Have a good relationship with your family. I know there will be times over the next 20 years in which you will truly test our patience. That's okay. Please know your Daddy and I are doing the best we can. And, when we get too unbearably embarrassing you can bond with your baby brother.

5. Stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself does not translate to being mean or hurtful. It means valuing yourself and your emotions. You do not have the right to push someone, but you have the right to tell people not to push you and leave the situation if they don't stop.

6. Celebrate. The big stuff and the little stuff.

7. Are a life long Cubs fan. While Daddy just wants you to like them because he does, it goes deeper than that. Cubs fans have a sense of eternal optimism. No matter how awful things are going you stay devoted. You always have that hope of things getting better. There's always "next year."

8. Don't cheat. Ever. No matter how big or small you think something is, cheating is not excusable.

9. Love to learn. Whether you learn through books or travel or playing, please be a life long learner.

10. Know how loved you are. By me. By Daddy. By your grandparents. By this little brother you will be meeting soon. No matter what, you will always be loved.