giving thanks: day 4

Today, I am grateful for The Bear. While we have our trying times, he really is a good kid. He doesn't mean to be bad; he's just testing the world.

September 2008 - Exploring his world

The last week has been really rough on him. He's been getting breathing treatments with his nebulizer every 3-4 hours for 4 days. He doesn't like them, and I don't blame him. He has to sit still for 15 minutes at a time. He has a loud machine strapped to his face blowing something up his nose. I can't imagine it's fun if you understand it which means there's no way he would enjoy it since he doesn't understand.

He cries. He pouts. But, he knows not to take off the mask. He knows not to fight it (now at least - when we started these it took 3 adults to keep it on).

He's a good boy though. He loves to color. He loves to give me (and his stuffed George) kisses. He loves to point to every picture of Hubby in the house and remind me that's DaDa. He can make me smile no matter how awful I feel.

February 2009 - Reunited with Daddy

He is a fighter. But, that kept him safe. No matter how feisty he may get, I know it's the reason he's with us today.

December 2007 - Feisty and opinionated already

While he's preparing to be a big brother, he'll always be my baby boy. For that, I am grateful.

November 2009 - Practicing be a big brother; he put the elephant in