Feeling a bit like a juggler. Lots of balls all in the air that I need to catch and quickly toss back up.

Some things are big but really light. Some things are small but very dense. All different sizes. All different weights. Some things need to be handled gently. Some things must be tossed with great force.

Some things only I can be responsible for. Some things I have because I can't tell people no. Some things I just picked up because they were sitting there looking like they ought to be taken care of. Some things would really be better if other people had but somehow managed up in my hands.

Even the best jugglers can only handle so many balls. It's time to sit down and evaluate which ones mean the most to me. Which things are those that really matter - to me, my family and my morals. Which things are the ones that I would be sad if I let fall.

I can't do it all. I know this logically. It's time to evaluate it all.

If I act promptly, I can pass balls to others or simply set them down. Otherwise I might drop them all. Some will bounce and be fine. Others might just shatter and never be the same.